Ecosystems Services and Management Program

The Ecosystem Services and Management Program has built integrated knowledge and data systems to provide a trusted science base for land management policy around the world. Guiding sustainable production and consumption choices that are consistent across scales and compatible with maintaining equitable access to ecosystem services is a scientific challenge that the program is uniquely positioned to address with its cluster of citizen science and modularly linked land resources assessment tools.

  • Help develop global policy aimed at achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by focusing on integrated multiple natural resource use strategies and monitoring systems.
  • Undertake at least three globally consistent national or regional policy impact assessments relevant to the three Rio Conventions on Biodiversity, Climate Change and Desertification.
  • Launch an annual review of global resources and the commodity market by 2020, with consortium members recruited from IIASA member countries. Create a global natural resources market assessment network or consortium.
  • Establish an open-access online platform for the market assessment consortium by 2020. The outlook will start with agriculture and forest sector commodities and eventually be expanded to minerals and metals markets.
  • Establish a global citizen science center to initiate, host, and coordinate citizen initiatives aimed at crowd sourcing scientific data (inbound) and bringing research outputs to a wide audience (outbound).