Advanced Systems Analysis Program

Increasing recognition of the systems nature of global challenges, and unprecedented new streams of data from scientific, governmental, and commercial sources, require new and improved systems analysis approaches. Working in close cooperation with the applied researchers, the Advanced Systems Analysis Program works at the cutting edge of applied mathematics and modeling to expedite the transfer of application to methods and methods to application. In this way, the program develops more efficient solutions to problems or solves those that cannot be addressed by existing tools.

  • Enhance the program’s scientific leadership at the interface between systems analysis methodology and applications, in particular, improve the methods and techniques used in decision-support models to deal with long-term non-linear dynamics, uncertainty, multiple agents, and multiple objectives.
  • Improve the transfer of methods at IIASA by co-designing research questions and methods with stakeholders and policymakers, in particular, develop and implement new approaches to analyze the resilience of economic, financial, and ecological networked systems.
  • Advance the approaches, practices, and rigor of qualitative research that involves stakeholders and decision makers, and enable the inclusion of the results into decision making.
  • Showcase the utility of advanced systems analysis approaches and techniques in important, policy-relevant case studies. For example, advance economic growth and natural resource management models addressing sustainability.