Water Program

The urgent need to address complex and growing water challenges calls for a robust, interdisciplinary approach. The Water Program uses quantified scenarios to explore how different water management policies may affect development in the face of the increasing uncertainty of water challenges. The program provides data, methods, and tools that are consistent across sectors and scales. Together, these drive real improvements in global water security.

  • Develop an integrated nexus approach combining multi-model analysis across sectors and socioeconomic variables, including governance.
  • Explore new water scenarios and solutions, based on cutting-edge global and regional modeling, seeking breakthroughs not only in understanding problems but also in developing solutions.
  • Enhance knowledge sharing through the development of online databases, decision support tools, and online platforms to help communicate and visualize trade-offs and synergies among options.
  • Provide the analytical backbone for a comprehensive report on global water futures and solutions targeted at the World Water Forum in 2018.
  • Foster a multi-stakeholder scientific initiative to define water challenges and identify solution options across sectors at multiple scales by holding stakeholder and donor workshops.
  • Establish a knowledge hub for science and policy by developing, maintaining, and harmonizing databases on water-related issues.