IIASA by program

There are nine IIASA research programs carrying out research into the dynamics of global change. These programs use holistic approaches and effective, interdisciplinary collaborations to identify the multiple solutions needed to bring about a global transformation to true sustainability.

The IIASA research programs are shown in the interactive diagram. The outer circles show the current nine research programs and the proposed new Global Health Program. The inner circle represents integrated research activities at IIASA. Importantly, the diagram shows how each of the research programs intersect and contribute to these integrated projects, an increasing focus of IIASA research.

IIASA research programs are not discipline-based, but are themselves interdisciplinary and house a diversity of scientific expertise, across the natural, physical, and social sciences that together focus on a particular research theme.

Alongside this, the programs contribute to large-scale initiatives that span the institute, including the integrated and cross-cutting projects, futures initiatives, and the Systems Analysis Forum.