Futures initiatives

Arctic Futures

The Arctic is undergoing a vast and rapid transformation and this futures initiative works collaboratively with key organizations in the region to support decision makers in this time of complex global change.

Eurasian Economic Integration

This international and interdisciplinary futures initiative analyzes the possibility of economic cooperation between the EU, the Eurasian Economic Union, and their neighbors, potentially extending to the USA and key Asian players, such as China, India, and others.

Tropical Futures Initiative

Tropical rainforests are home to the greatest biodiversity on the planet and provide vital climate regulation. The Tropical Futures Initiative aims to help policymakers pick out a sustainable path for this important part of the globe.

Water Futures and Solutions Initiative

The Water Futures and Solutions Initiative is a cross-sector initiative which helps identify water management policies that work together to improve water security. It has developed a stakeholder informed, scenario-based assessment of water resources and demand.