Health, safety, and wellbeing

IIASA complies with the Luxembourg Declaration on Workplace Health Promotion and the Austrian Employee Safety Law (ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz).

These laws stipulate that an occupational health doctor must be employed by the institute. Since 1997 IIASA has worked with a general practitioner qualified in occupational medicine, and in 2017 IIASA hired an occupational psychologist.

In addition to Austrian Safety Law, which covers work equipment, materials, and employee health, IIASA also adheres to:

  • The Bildschirmverordnung which regulates work with computers/screens. Focusing on topics like the position (height and distance) of the computer screen, the adjustment (height and positioning) of the chair, the height of the desk, the lighting and the ergonomically appropriate set up of offices.
  • Regulations regarding training for first aid officers and first aid equipment.
  • Regulations regarding the appointment of a safety specialist.
  • Regulations regarding the protection of non-smokers.

IIASA reports work-related accidents as legally required; in 2016 no notable incidents were reported.

The institute has guidelines regarding the following Health and Safety issues (detailed in the IIASA Handbook):

  • Maternity regulations,
  • On-Duty Accidents,
  • Fire prevention,
  • Smoking
  • Prevention of health risks while working with computers.

These all fall under the legal framework in Austria regarding Health and Safety in the work place (i.e., ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz, Mutterschutzgesetz, Bildschirmverordnung).

In 2016, IIASA reviewed the number of first aid officers at work. In 2017 a number of new officers will be trained and existing officers will receive refresher training. All first aid kits at IIASA are updated quarterly.

In 2010 fire detectors were installed in every office in the Schloss, and in 2015 they were installed in Schloss Restaurant and surrounding buildings. Every three years external specialists provide fire training to IIASA fire wardens.

In 2016 the waste press was replaced with improved safety measures, and new safe, more stable ladders were purchased.

During 2016 IIASA had a dedicated external safety specialist who regularly visited IIASA to advise on health and safety regulations at the institute, with a specific focus on Arbeitsplatzsicherheit—workplace safety. As of 2017 IIASA started working with a new external safety services company. This company will provide a specialist to support the institute’s doctor and psychologist to evaluate and document the implementation of the laws and guidelines listed above and come up with strategies to improve employee health at work