Large-scale initiatives

Futures initiatives

The IIASA futures initiatives are designed to explore plausible futures for a number of the world’s rapidly transitioning regions or resources. The initiatives range from helping both the Arctic and the Tropics to develop sustainably under rapid global change, to exploring economic cooperation across Eurasia, to improving water security worldwide.

Integrated projects

Integrated, interdisciplinary approaches that identify feedbacks, trade-offs, and co-benefits of policy decisions are needed to resolve global sustainability challenges. These projects bring together expertise from across all the institute’s programs and external networks, to address the research objectives at both global and regional scales.

Cross-cutting projects

These methodology-focused projects represent unique and unaddressed research challenges that require integrated and interdisciplinary expertise and focus. They address not only cutting-edge research questions, but, by drawing upon expertise from across all IIASA research programs, also promote greater collaboration across the institute.

Systems Analysis Forum

Accelerating global change and rising levels of interconnectedness necessitate new methods for identifying scientifically sound policy advice. The Systems Analysis Forum helps foster methodological innovations inspired by applied research at IIASA; promoting exchanges among the institute’s researchers and methodological experts around the world.